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London Transport Go As You Please ticket -a tourist bus/Underground rover facility from 1975.
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Tickets and ticket-collecting 
(including transfers, tokens and ticket equipment)


Barcelona Postal

A general site about Barcelona with some pages of tickets. In English.

Bilety komunikacji

Tickets from many Polish towns and cities; all in Polish by Marek Jurgowiak.

Bilety komunikacji miejskiej

Extensive pages of Polish tickets from Jacek Śmietański. In Polish.

Boletos Edmondson

Carlos Skerk's album of edmondsons from South America, including over 600 from Argentina.

BusesIreland - bus ticket machines

Fotopic site with bus ticket machines etc from Ulsterbus and UTA

Blue Line Buses

Historical site all about this now-gone Doncaster independent bus operator with a  page of tickets here. Submitted by Bill Brinkley.

Bus Stop

Doris Hazell's account of her life as an LT tram, later, bus 'clippie' (conductress). No pix of tickets but plenty of reminiscences about issuing them.

Central SMT

Gerry Cushley's site all about the "Central", with good collection of CSMT and local independent tickets.

Checklist of UK electronic ticket machine issuing points   APTIS, SPORTIS and successor machines -  listings of numbers, locations etc.

Classic Bus Page

Dick Gilbert's bus preservation site with a page of 'Vintage Bus Tickets' - fifties tickets from London, Eastbourne and elsewhere.

Country Bus

Histories and reminiscences of Dorset bus operators, (plus some from Somerset, Scotland and Normandy too), with a few tickets.

De Kaartjesbrief

News on tickets from the Netherlands. (Dutch)

Father TIM

Dadwasp's fledgling site all about TIM machine tickets

Glasgow Transport Badges

Site all about Glasgow Corporation Transport and its successors. Includes tickets, tokens and ticket machine.

Joyce's World of
Transport Eclectica

A varied railway site that includes a good section on British Rail tickets, before and after APTIS.  Joyce, incidentally is not a lady, but the maker of the station clock at Whitchurch, Salop. Thanks to Norman Kemp for this link, and a little mention of his bus empire is here.

Ken Kasahara's Photo 
Gallery - Bus Tickets

A page of Turkish bus tickets with text in - Japanese!  Good scans.

David Jürgens's links etc on ticket and fare subjects, recently revised. (German)

The Luso Pages - Lisbon Transport

John Laidlar's comprehensive site covering bus, tram, rail, cablecar, ferry etc, plus transport museums, recommended reading and some Carris tickets

National Mining 
Memorabilia Association

All about mining, but with some bus and railway tickets for colliery services.

National Railway Museum, York

Brief details of their extensive ticket collection for serious researchers.

Unofficial but comprehensive site all about NET - Nottingham Express Transit, and including extensive pages on Tickets. Submitted by Bill Brinkley.

Pete's Trolleybus Site

Mostly about trolleybuses but with a page on ticketing systems.


Courtesy of Tarvo Puusepp, a site which includes all sorts of tickets from Estonia (and the rest of the world) - bus, tram, trolleybus, railway and cinema, theatre, museum etc. tickets as well. Nicely laid-out, and no Estonian needed to find your way about - there's an English version too. All very good.

The Rail Ticket Gallery

Roger Marks' extensive site devoted (mainly) to British Rail tickets and ticket machinery. Excellent !

The Railwayana Page

Robin Gibbon's pages on railwayana auctions, including a page of Chinese tickets.


German general collectors site, with section on tickets. (in German)

Strasbourg Tram

Unofficial site with section on tickets and explanation of machine imprints etc.


Jürg Tschumi's superb site about Swiss (and European) ticket practice, with subscription details to his bi-monthly magazine 'ticket - aktuelle Informationen über die Fahrausweise des öffentlichen Verkehrs' paper or CD version. [in German]

Tickets du Monde

French site with worldwide tickets

Tickets Online

Willem Boorsma's Collection of World-wide Transport Tickets (Railway, Air, Metro, Subway, Bus, Boat/Ferry, Parking, Cableways) and Entrancecards (Friesland, Tickets before 1950, Rollcards of the Netherlands)


Former TTS member, John Tilly's life and times. Signalling, level-crossings and some pages of tickets from the South Tynedale Railway, Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway, Hong Kong and Japan. 

Toby & John's Local Transport History

Good pictorial site devoted to south-east London. Numerous pages of London tickets - tram, bus, bell punch through to machine tickets, Travelcards etc.

Train Tickets Collection

Serried ranks of Edmondsons and Schuster machine tickets from Luxembourg.

Trams of Hungary

Varga Akos Endre's site on Hungary and elsewhere with a page of tickets. [mostly Hungarian, with some English and German pages

Transport of Delight

John Bradshaw's extensive site mostly about transport in Croydon, including a good selection of SMET tram tickets. Now has an extensive gallery of UK and Irish tramway tickets from many systems.

Transport Tickets from Malta

Paul Xuerab's new and extensive site  all about Malta and Gozo, their buses, ferries and their tickets

Vintage Calculators        Web Museum

All fascinating stuff but nowt to do wi' tickets, except for this page which gives the origins of the Bell Punch Co. (who in later life made electronic calculators), taken from "Modern Transport" in 1948.

North America

Vecturist Association

For collectors of transport tokens.

Denver Rail Heritage Society

Heritage trolley line (Platte Valley Trolley) site with pix of Denver tokens

The Farebox

Sample issues of the AVA monthly newsletter

The Story of the Johnson Farebox Company

Michael J. Sheridan's fascinating site with pics of Johnson and other fareboxes over the years

Metrocard Collector Page

NYC Metrocard checklist and pics.

New York Subway - 
Brief History of Fare Control

Evolution of the turnstile, token and Metrocard. Part of the NYC Subway Resources, which also includes NYC Subway tokens and a brief review of Fare collection on the Boston 'T'.

Notes on the 
Collection of Transfers

Transcript of a book by Frank Folupa (pseudonym) about the American transfer system and how to collect transfers, first published in 1926.

The Joe Korner 
New York Subway

Big Apple subway tokens, transfers - and the highly-collectible Metrocards. Plus tickets from the Long Island RR, Hudson Tubes, NY Central and the 'standard railroad of the world' - the PRR.

Texas and Pacific Railway Railfans Depot

A page of old T&PR tickets.

The Ticket Counter

Some pages of modern urban tickets from physics professor Jon Bell.  

Central / South America

Agrupacion Billetes 
Tipo Edmondson

Enthusiastic Argentine society devoted to the Edmondson ticket.

Boletos de Buses de Chile

Pages of attractive bus tickets from Chile, suggested by Bruno Gallegos

El Ferrocarril en Internet

A few pages of tickets (Argentina)

The Panama Railroad

A nice site with a page of tickets here



Mr N Takayama's Hiroshima-based rail site with three pages of Japanese tickets. In good English, with a comparison of English and Japanese teaching techniques as a bonus.

Indian Steam Railway Society

Good site with much on current and historical matters, including two extracts from the IRSS Newsletter about Indian railway tickets written by TTS member John King. 

JR Tickets

Site apparently all about Japan Railways tickets - some pix, but all text in Japanese.

KMB 1933 Page

Eric Lee's site devoted solely, (I think) to the Kowloon Motor Bus Co. with good selection of tickets. Requires MS Chinese Language support.

Public Transport 
in Ulaan Baator

Some pages on tickets from Mongolia.


Constantin Antonenko's Ukraine based site with scans of tram, bus, trolleybus, metro and rail tickets and much else. Mostly in Russian, but a few English pointers make it easy to find your way about. Excellent!

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Official transport sites with pages on tickets etc


Réseau de Transporte de Longeuil [RTL] 

Straightforward site for this Quebec bus and tram operator with a few pix of passes, and a history of fares (!) here. French only.


BUSS - Saintes

Over-elaborate (and slow to load) site, with eventually some animated tickets. A triumph of form over function. Might be ok if you have broadband access.



Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH [MVG]

Neat site with good selection of tickets shown in the fares section here. [German only]


SMSC - Seoul

English version of a good site, with a few tickets here.


Servicio de Transportes Electricos del D.F. - Mexico City

Excellent site with comprehensive details of bus, light rail and metro operations. Plus extensive historical pages, including tickets etc. In Spanish.


MPL Krakow 

Pages illustrating current tickets. Polish only.


Moscow Metro

Good site with many tickets and tokens. All in Russian, but quite easy to find your way about.


Guaguas Municipales - Gran Canaria

Current magnetic cards etc. Text in English and German.

Metro Bilbao

Neat site with details of tickets here.


Oyster Card

The long-awaited Transport for London smartcard scheme with pix etc.


HARTLine - Hillsborough Area Rapid Transit

Includes pics of farebox and HARTride passes.



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General transport enthusiast sites 
and link collections, some with ticket content

Bergen Elektriske Sporvei

Heritage tram society in Norway with local TTS member involved. (Norwegian)

Bournemouth and Poole Buses and Trams

Kevin Clapcott's neat site on the immaculate yellow Bournemouth buses, trolleybuses and trams, plus Hants & Dorset, Royal Blue, Charlies Cars, Excelsior, Rossmore  and much else. A few tickets are a bonus.

Bruse's Funiculars

Another excellent site devoted to funiculars from Bruse LF Persson (English/Swedish)

Buses Worldwide

Premier organisation for those interested in buses on the far side of Dover.

Der Nahverkehrswegweis

Jörg Bruchertseifer's index to transport operators / authorities in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, with onward links. In German, but easy to follow, with good clickable maps.  An excellent site.

Electric Transport 
in South America

Allen Morrison's extensive link site covering everything that moves or moved by electricity in South America - tram , railway, trolleybus, funicular etc etc. Extensive!!

Essex Bus News

Webmaster's privilege: as member No.37, a plug for the Essex Bus Enthusiasts Group's super monthly mag devoted to news on First in Essex, Arriva serving Colchester, Southend, East Herts & Essex, Hedingham & District and all the smaller firms. 


Web magazine all about Funiculars (and similar) by Michael Azéma. Excellent site - worldwide coverage of funiculars, pictures, how they work, history, past and present. (French/English)

Inter-Rail News

Good Italian railfan site with several pages of tickets. New contributions welcome! Mostly in Italian.

Light Rail Transit Association

Light rail worldwide with extensive links section and good news pages on current/planned systems.

Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire Transport Review

Old-established regional, all-modes newsletter, now with an online companion.


The London bus society. Easy site with weekly news updates.

Metro Planet

Robert Schwandl's comprehensive worldwide coverage of metros, underground railways, subways, U-bahns T-bana and some tram/light rail systems. Call them what you will, here are maps, descriptions. pix, histories, in English and often in other languages too. Don't leave home without visiting this site first! Excellent!

NYC Subway Resources

Incredibly comprehensive site with title cleverly spelt out in NYC subway tokens. Also covers other US and world subways, metros, light rail. 

Oxford & Chilterns Bus Page

Good news pages for bus operators in thsi area.

Rail-Info Switzerland

All you ever need to know about all the Swiss narrow-gauge lines.

RailPage Australia

Premier Aussie rail (and tram) server, with numerous related links down under.


The Internet Railroad Directory: US rail server with over 7000 links world-wide and Antiques and Collectibles section.

UK Railways on the Net

Schlumberger-Sema guide to UK rail companies etc. Straightforward and easy-to-navigate.

The Railway Register

UK rail link site - comprehensive.

Riverboats, Steamboats, Sternwheelers, Sidewheelers

Dave Dawley's comprehensive site devoted to US riverboats (mostly Mississippi, but other areas too).

Roads & Road Transport History Association

The Association promotes, encourages and co-ordinates the study of the history of roads, road passenger transport and the carriage of goods.

Routes International

Massive Canadian site with transport (all modes), links worldwide and even a small ticket gallery

The Bus Station

Links to 4000 worldwide bus sites.

The Omnibus Society

The senior UK bus society.

Transports Urbains de France

Yves le Chanu's useful index of bus operators - Réseaux Bretons and Région Centre, listed under owning group - Keolis, Transdev, Connex, Verney etc. Plus fare structures too!


Argentinian express bus journey planner, with list of operators.

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TTS Member sites - not necessarily with ticket content

The Yorkshire Teabags

'nowt to do wi' tickets but what Dadwasp does when he isn't collecting them.

Blackout, Austerity and Pride : Life in the 1940s

Roger Atkinson's memoirs of the war and post-war years.

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