Each month, members receive a fully‐illustrated full‐colour 40‐page (on average) Journal,  covering news of bus, tram and railway tickets from the UK and overseas, plus feature articles of historical and current‐day interest, including the long‐established Talking Tickets column covering historical topics concerning British and Irish railway tickets. There are also book reviews, members advertisements and announcements of all the latest Society Ticket Distributions.

Besides regular news columns, recent issues contained features including …

November 2018
Advertising on insert Setright tickets … National Coal Board tokens … An early Rail Replacement Bus Service — the City & South London Auxiliary Omnibus Service (1922–1924) .… Manchester Metrolink Update … South West of Severn … Talking Tickets: Epping Forest

October 2018
Across the Pennines 
Updating the Transdev Blazefield Ticket Story:  4 … National Rail — the Avocet system … Technology Update — Ticketer, Avocet, PICO …  A Scilly Interlude … Talking Tickets : North British Zone Tickets … North‐east Brazil 2: Pernambuco to Ceará

September 2018
Across the Pennines • Updating the Transdev Blazefield Ticket Story: 3 … Bristol Tramways & Carriage Co. tickets at the Bristol Archives … A Visit to Plas Glyn‐y‐Weddw, Gwynedd (early tramways in Pwhelli) … Talking Tickets: Pre‐Grouping tickets at Cleethorpes … North‐east Brazil 1: Bahia

August 2018
Summer at the Seaside with Standerwick … Across the Pennines • Updating the Transdev Blazefield Ticket Story: 2 … A Rebranding Saga (West Midlands Transport)  …  Talking Tickets : Specified Carrier Tickets 3 — Nantwich & Crewe,  An Immingham Boat Train Ticket  …  The Tram to the Grotte de Han  …  Victorian Railways (Australia): what’s in a name?

July 2018
Across the Pennines • Updating the Transdev Blazefield Ticket Story: 1 … Talking Tickets: Specified Carrier tickets 2 — South from York … Overseas News: Addis Ababa 2018

June 2018
Royal Wedding Tickets …  A Place in the Sun ~ London Trolleybuses in Spain and their tickets … Q1’s in London and their tickets … Talking Tickets : The Royal Oak Anomaly, Celluloid Siding, NB Show Yard Stations  …  Crossing Europe’s Borders ~ Simplon Orient Express …  Iberian Interlude

May 2018
Coloured‐edge Gibson rolls in London … the Bromley Almexes … Science and Bus Tickets (Science Park bus services)  … The Electric Bus ~ Now & Then … The Fare that Launched a Thousand Trips … Talking Tickets: Great Northern Railway Ticket Printing, Ardsley Oaks